Collecting Nice Stuffed Toys

I had never visited my charlotte London escorts colleague Amanda’s home before. But she had invited me along with some other girls from our London escorts agency around to celebrate her birthday. Immediately I came into her flat, I noticed that she had a huge number of cuddly toys around the place. One cupboard with glass doors was even marked up as hospital. When I looked inside, I noticed a whole bunch of cuddly toys in a bad state of repair.. They were perhaps missing an eye, nose and the stuffing was coming out of some of them.

Amanda must have noticed that I looked at her collection of stuffed toys in a bit of an odd way. She promptly explained that she spend her days off from London escorts going around second hand shops picking up old toys. I thought that was a bit strange. But I was going to be even more taken back. It turned out that people even brought her their old cuddly toys to be repaired. It was her little side hustle away from London escorts.

As it turned out, Amanda made pretty good money from her London escorts side hustle. Many of the toys that she “took in” as she liked to call it, were collectable. It was worth her while spending her days off from London escorts fixing them up and selling them on. Of course, she collected them as well. She showed me her website that was a showcase of her work. Apart from working at London escorts, it became obvious that she had a pretty good second career going as far as fixing up toys were concerned. She had even spent time fixing up toys and the V & A Museum in central London.

By the time I left, I was pretty fascinated by Amanda. I started to realise that collecting something was kind of important to us humans. Perhaps we have collected things since the beginning of time. Speaking to Amanda, I knew that I was missing out on one of the pleasures in life. I had never really collected very much of anything apart from sex toys. But that could not really be compared to what Amanda was doing. She was collecting something that was at least slightly valuable.

A couple of weeks later, I found myself in the V & A. Looking around, I realised that almost anything was collectable. Perhaps I could save up my London escorts tips and start my own little collection. I was not sure what that would be. I had spoken to Amanda again and asked for her advice. She told me to start to collect what inspired me. Many things inspired me and I was having a hard time singling out an item. But, I was sure that one day, I would find something. Until that day, I would save up all of my cash tips at London escorts so that I could splash out when I found out what I wanted to collect.


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